Abco Machining Blog

To keep up with our customers’ requirements Abco has purchased a Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to add to Abco’s already high level of quality service. Abco has had a purpose built temperature controlled room constructed to  house our Feranti Merlin Mk 2.

Auger for “Vettiger Vidler Engineers” in Toowoomba. Watching the Auger transform from a square Stainless Steel Bar to the Stainless Auger over the past couple of weeks has definitely turned heads of staff, visitors, and Sales Reps alike.

Machining the ends was the first operation done on our SNK 5 Axis Machine Centre this operation was completed before our Christmas break. Next operation was to rough out and finish the Auger, this was done on our Makino 5 Axis Machine Centre. All programming for the Auger was done on our CAD/CAM Software Unigraphics. This project shows the great skill, knowledge and experience of our Abco tradesman.

For further information or if you would like to come and inspect our CMM facilities please do not hesitate to contact us