Coordinate Measuring Machine

CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Specifications of our coordinate measuring machine include:

Machine : Ferranti Merlin Mk2
Software: IMS Virtual Dmis version 6.5
Measuring Stroke 1400 mm x 2250 mm x 1000 mm
Linear Accuracy : 3 + L/300 microns (eg. 6.3 microns/ 1000 mm)
Volumetric Accuracy : 3 + L/250 (eg. 7 microns /1000 mm)
Rapid traverse Speed : 300 mm/s
Acceleration 500 mm/s/s

Software capability:

A new Renishaw (UCC2) control system has been retrofitted to this machine with extensive machine error compensation software, new reader heads and linear scales, also a motorised probe head (allowing 720 orientations with 300mm probe extension). As part of the Retrofit the machine was fitted with new control software (IMS Virtual Dmis version 6.5) which has advanced Cad measuring capability allowing parts to be measured directly from Cad Models (in the following formats: IGES, Step, Catia Ver.4 , Catia Ver. 5 up to rel 16, Unigraphics, Pro Engineer) The IMS software has been independently tested by NPL in England and PTB in Germany and has proven to be in the top 2 off all software available for CMMs.

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